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Sakura, Mt Fuji and Us


International married couple in Japan

A query we received.

"We really want photos of us in our national costumes with cherry blossoms and if possible, Mt Fuji in the background."

Since the day, we started to search a possibility to shoot the client's wish images. They are some places already very famous, like Kawaguchi-ko, but by the time, sakura are not quite ready to be called 'pretty' yet.

So we drove a little more South and found the perfect park.

In the morning, the weather was perfect. We left home at 6am and hit the highway, it was very nice drive under the blue sky even less sleeping hours, bit Onigiri on the way for breakfast.

At 9am, Wow, the couple appeared in front of us in that costumes. English kilt and Philipino dress. How gorgeous!!

As they walk slowly and romantically, we continued to focus and click, forgetting breathing. They look like a couple as if coming out from a Disney Movie.

Oh, we should have said the movie is the "The Lord of the Rings" because it is the husband's favourite movie. (Even he went to NZ just to follow the movie's locations!)

What a lovely couple they are!

Once we finished the shoot at the top of the hill, we realized that some camera fans were aiming their lenses to shoot the couple wonder why. They are so beautiful.

The waterfall is memorable place for them. And with this shot, we hope their memory is getting even more memorable for them.

Thank you so much for spending wonderful time with us. Hope you guys have a lot of fun and love to live in Japan.





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