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Hire photographers to capture your trip in Japan!

Shoot 60mins over100jpg by download ¥28050

Promising to capture unforgettable photos for you!

We go anywhere. - Inside of Tokyo or *beyond Tokyo, we can organize our trip to shoot nice photos of you. Just tell us where to meet and the purpose of the photo shooting, then we promise that you will have a fabulous time with us and get a plenty of nice shots.
​* If the location is beyond our free travel area then travel fees may be added.

If you are a camera shy, please don't worry. We have a lot of experiences to shoot portraits of whom like you. Or if you are very active like SNS savvy, you are very welcome too. We will find the best way to take the best shots of you.

One of our favorite shooting style is capturing natural scenes. We ask you to act natural, being yourselves. basically we walk around you and shoot what you are expecting.

Or you are a hero or a heroine of the story, we will be shooting a movie poster!!

No idea? Then please ask. - If you have no ideas where to go then we can suggest some places according to your situations. Location, purpose, time, etc, we make a plan that you may like.

You may know locations as much as we do through media and SNS, the most popular places are like these places.

Cities : Asakusa, Shibuya, Harajuku, Akihabara, Shinjuku, 

Entertainment: Temples and Shrines, Parks and buildings such as the Skytree

The decision is yours, choose location to suit your needs.

What you get

You will receive a link to download all the photos usually after 48 hours of shooting time. They are all edited from RAW files to JPG, exported to high-res (over 4k), which is a print ready up to A3 size.


Who are we?

We are a married couple who have been photographing for many years. Our start of being professional is advertising photography. We used to work together in an advertising photo agency studio in Tokyo for many kinds of clients.

Mami's profession is fashion. She was once an actress and a fashion model, that experience enhances her skills of photography too, so she can view from both sides of photographer and object. Mami has been shooting for famous magazines and top fashion brands. NIKKEI MAGAZINE, EDWIN are the well known.

Miz's profession is general advertising. Since he moved to New Zealand in 1996 his carrier was established rapidly and got big clients like SONY, TOYOTA, COCA-COLA etc. He also shoots for magazines of lifestyles and houses, the top quality golf resort in New Zealand is one of his best result.


We come together anywhere 

Always come together. Because what one person can do is limited. Shooting photo is not for one person job that we think. Which famous photographer works alone?

So we are a set anywhere, on our Harley Davidson or the inflatable kayak, always cameras are somewhere on our bodies so that we don't miss a chance to get fantastic moment.

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