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  • 執筆者の写真mamiandmiz

Do you like surprise?

Well, even she doesn't like it but she had to deal with it on the other night.

Here is the world famous Skytree, the highest tower in Japan.

The surprise was planned by him and us.

We were waiting them at the spot, watching everyone carefully so that we don't miss them.

Then the couple appeared as planned.

"Excuse me, are you free a bit? We are photographers from Tokyo Magazine and are looking for a couple like you guys. Would you let us take some shots of you?" Miz asked.

"Sure, of course" She who doesn't know anything answered to me.

"Great!" Miz said.

Then the shooting started.

After some shots, we checked around and make sure no one is around.

The chance is now.

And he heard my magic word and...

suddenly he got down on one knee!!

She reacted and stepped back a few.

What a surprise! And she said YES!!

Tears doesn't stop.

And she showed the ring to us.

Congratulations guys!

We hope you come back one day and give us a surprise please!



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