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  • 執筆者の写真mamiandmiz

Proposal in The Traditional Japanese Garden

Again and again, we were committed to shoot a couple from USA for a proposal.

But this time, it wasn't surprise proposal, so 'Reconstruction the moment in different situation'.

The location the couple have chosen is Happoen in Tokyo, very traditional Japanese garden as you see here, a lot of Koi in a pond and bonsai trees, and a Chashitsu room.

We found a very good spot to be a key shot.

As soon as they stood on the bridge, Koi approached them.

Here, they showed 'Love' and Koi means - 'Love'

Good choice!


The shooting was held just one hour. Mami and Miz hold a camera each and shot from vary angles at the same time sometime. Two people can work much much better than one man. We are definitely using the advantage to all our clients.

If you are planning to have a proposal photo shooting in Japan, please talk to us HERE.



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